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  • Legal & Research
  • Hansard & ICT
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  • HR & Administration
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  • Budget & Fiscal Analyst

The Directors, Legislative and Committee Services are the administrative service heads for the Legislative, Committee and business of the County Assembly. Duties and responsibilities for the Directors include:-

1. Coordination and supervision of the functions and operations of the Directorate of Legislative and Committee Services of the County Assembly; and

2. Responsible, to the Clerk of the County Assembly;

3. The Table Office including marshalling of published Bills, Motions and Sessional Papers; and processing of weekly programme of Business and preparation and timely circulation of Order Papers and Votes and Proceedings of the County Assembly;

4. The Journals Office including keeping custody of County Assembly Journals and records and archiving of those records;

5. Matters connected to Parliamentary associations like CPA, IPU, and exchange programmes, Friendship Groups and International desks and Conferences; and

6. Public Participation in Legislative process and Committee Services including responding to inquiries from Members, the staff, the public and other legislative bodies.

7. Coordination and supervision of the functions and operations of the Directorate of Committee of the County Assembly

8. Responsible for Select Committees and Sectoral Committees of the County Assembly





The Senior Legal Counsel, is the head of legal and Research services function in the County Assembly. The Senior Legal Counsel supervises, guides, counsels, trains and develops all legal staff and co-ordinates administration and overall management of the legal services provided to the County Assembly which includes:-

1. Formulation and dissemination of legal drafting policy in the County Assembly;

2. Liaison with the Director, Litigation and Compliance and the Office of the Attorney General on litigation matters involving the County Assembly;

3. Supervision of all Legal Counsel in the Directorate;

4, Training of all Legal Counsel in the Directorate;

5. Giving of legal opinions on matters before or relating to the County Assembly and Parliament and giving legal advice on commercial matters;

6. Providing any other legal services that may be required by the County Assembly, its Committees, Parliament, the Speaker or the Clerk; and

7. Carrying on legal research on matters before the Directorate.

The Senior Hansard Editor is an office in the County Assembly Service responsible for the records of proceedings of the County Assembly and its Committees. The Senior Hansard Editor is also the official archivist for the County Assembly in charge of custody of all Journals, Reports, Papers, Magazines, and County Assembly Proceedings and supervises the operations of ICT. The duties and responsibilities of the Senior Hansard Editor include:-

1. Responsible for coordination and production of the Hansard (Official Record of the County Assembly);

2. Editing transcribed records, processing manuscripts, preparing accurate drafts;

3. Maintaining a consistent and accurate Hansard publishing format;

4. Maintaining an accurate database of Hansard publication;

5. Development and maintenance of policies, rules, standards and procedures governing Hansard production;

6. Maintaining links with the County and national Government Ministries/Department, the public media, and other Commonwealth Editors’ Associations and Unions.

7. Supervises staff in the Hansard and ICT department


The Serjeant-at-Arms is an office in the Parliamentary Service charged with duties involving service to the Speaker, Members, the Clerk and other staff of the County Assembly and performance of chamber and ceremonial duties. The Serjeant-at-Arms also perform a number of miscellaneous security and safety duties for the general welfare of Parliament. In performing these duties the Office of Serjeant-at-Arms perform the following duties:-

1.Maintain custody of the mace;

2. Ensure protective security for all persons and property and advises the Speaker and the Clerk on the same;

3. Perform chamber and ceremonial duties;

4.Provide interdepartmental and chamber support services;

5. Enforce and implement the Speaker's orders and other directives;

6. Allocate office accommodation to Senators and staff and conference rooms to Committees;

7. Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities;

8. Ensure compliance with occupational health requirements/standards;

9. Access control management;

10. Crowd management;

11. Ensure desirable housekeeping standards;

12. Maintain decorum within the precincts of parliament;

13. Disaster preparedness and mitigation;

14. Investigating incidents;

15. Coordinate parliament police;

16. Disseminates relevant information to members through notice boards;

17. Carries out periodical security surveys; and

18. Conducts institutional risk assessment;


The department through the Senior Human Resource Officer and the Human Resource Administration section plays the following key roles:

1. Recruitment and Selection

2. Job analysis and Job description

3. Manpower Planning

4. Performance Appraisal

5. Training and Development

6. Employee welfare and motivation

7. Addressing employee’s grievances

8. Labour management relations

9. Implementing organizational policies

The Finance and Accounting are offices in the County Assembly that is charged with the following responsibilities:-

1. Receipt of bills, invoices, memos, safari invoices, imprest surrenders and claims;

2. Voucher/Imprest preparation;

3. LSO/LPO/Requisitions preparation and Stores management and control;

4. Voting of all expenditures and commitments;

5. AIE holder approval;

6. Payments approval;

7. Bank reconciliations and cash office management (Receipts and payments);

8. Sorting, Filling, Storage and archiving of all accountable documents;

The Budget and Fiscal Analyst are offices in the County Assembly that is charged with the following responsibilities:-

1. Collecting and collating budgetary information from various sources for analysis

2. Maintaining relevant statistics on public revenue and expenditure figures

3. Carrying out commissioned budget research on specific area of interest

4. Assisting in preparing budgetary information reports for MCAs and relevant Committees

5. Assisting in workshops planning



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